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Fırat Tıp Dergisi
2014, Cilt 19, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 006-011
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The Effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid on Bladder Contractility, Histopathologic Changes and Oxidant/Antioxidant Systems on Experimental Rats with Metabolic Syndrom
1Bingöl Devlet Hastanesi, Üroloji Kliniği, Bingöl, Türkiye
2Harput Devlet Hastanesi, Üroloji Kliniği, Elazığ, Türkiye

Objective: To investigate effect of Alpha Lipoic acid (α-LA) on bladder function of experimental rats with metabolic syndrom.

Material and Method: In this study, 40 Wistar Albino rats with a mean weight of 180- 200 gr were used. They were divided into four equal groups (n=10). Group I was considered as the control group. The other 3 groups were feeded with 60% fructose enriched diet for 6 weeks. After achieving MetS saline (SF) and α-LA was injected intraperitonealy (i.p.) for 6 weeks to the rats in the group II and III respectively. Group IV received α-LA (i.p.) for 12 weeks. Then all the rats were decapitated and their blood and tissue samples were collected. Plasma triglyceride, LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, glucose and insülin levels, the ratio of total oxidant to total antioxidant level were measured. Routine histological techniques was performe to the bladder tissues from experimental rats and -vitro contraction activity were measured.

Results: Plasma glucose, TG, LDL, TOS levels, were decreased and HDL level was increased in the groups with α-LA admission compared to Group II. Plasma TOS levels of Group IV was decreased and the maximum percentage of contractional response of Group IV has increased in group IV compared to Group II. And according to histopathological evaluation the mean number of the vessels in Group II was significantly higher than in the control.

Conclusion: It has shown that exogenous α-LA therapy decreases the bladder dysfunction due to metabolic syndrome and improve the response of contractions, and amplitude significantly.

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